Time is ripe for market shopping

May 11, 2011 | By More

Emily Battle recently featured area Farmers Markets in her article “Time is ripe for market shopping.”

Here is an excerpt:

In Spotsylvania County, Elizabeth Borst has taken over market management duties. Borst first set up the SNAP and debit-card technology in Spotsylvania in 2009, and is now helping other markets around the state learn to use it.

Borst wants to increase the market’s value, both to consumers and producers. She points out that the Gordon Road market averages around 2,500 customers per week.

“That’s a small percentage of our total population,” she said. “We can certainly accommodate many other customers with the products we have here.”

Because Spotsylvania itself is home to so many farms, Borst sees the market also as an economic development tool to help support that sector of the county economy. She talks about putting agriculture “on the regional agenda” and has been bringing local food up at local and regional government meetings. She’s interested in programs like an incubator for fledgling farm businesses, programs to teach skills to new market growers and a local food hub that could more easily connect producers with purchasers like restaurants and institutional customers.

Read the complete article.

To learn more about the film series and to read more about all area farmers markets, visit the Front Burner blog at blogs.fredericksburg.com/frontburner.



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