Shopping Instructions for COVID-19 Safety

Thinking of shopping the Fredericksburg Farmers Market?

The Fredericksburg Farmers Market will open on May 16, 2020 from 7am – 2pm. There are some changes to the layout of the market as we begin this season that are driven by social distancing requirements. We recommend that all shoppers wear masks and/or gloves.

As you look for parking, please take a minute to glance at Hurkamp Park. If the park looks too busy for your comfort-level, please consider coming back in 30-45 minutes. We often find that shoppers come in waves, but those waves usually dissipate within 35 minutes.(Our heaviest shopping times seem to be 8:30am – 10:30am) If the number of shoppers looks manageable and comfortable to you, please park and enter at one of the (3) entrances – at the corner of William Street & Prince Edward Street, at the corner of Prince Edward Street & George Street, and at the corner of George Street & the alley of the Fredericksburg Rescue Squad building. These will be the ONLY entry/exit points for the market.  NOTE: If shoppers reach the capacity of the park, we will put signs at the entrances that read: “Temporarily Closed – Please come back in 30 min.”

Once you approach an entry, you will be greeted by City staff, and you will notice barricades within the park and along William Street adjacent to Hurkamp Park, as well as signs with the new COVID-19 Protocols for the market. Barricades are in place to guide you into the park and toward the Market Manager tent, located in the middle of the park. City staff will ask if you are there for shopping or for pick-up of prepaid orders. Based on your answer, you will be directed to the appropriate line – shopping or prepaid. The prepaid line will be managed separately from the shopping line. For that reason we will have (4) parking spaces on William Street, adjacent to Hurkamp Park, that are marked for Farmers Market Pick-up/Prepaid spots. The parking in those spots is limited to 15 minutes.

The shopping line consists of barricades and dots on the ground to help you ensure that you remain 6’ away from anyone else at the market, and that you get to shop in the order you arrived. A staff member will release you into the market to shop as crowd density allows. If you would like to access SNAP benefits and bonus money, please let the staff person know. If the weather is rainy, please bring an umbrella as the shopping and pick-up lines are not covered. You may have to wait in line for a few minutes before you can begin your shopping experience, but we feel that this is the best and safest way to manage our market.

Once at your chosen vendor stall, you will be greeted by one of our friendly vendors. You will notice that all of our vendors are wearing masks and gloves for their own protection and for YOURS. Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to touch the products they sell – the vendor will prepare your order and bag it for you. This will be very similar to shopping at a deli – you don’t get to touch the meat until you get home – but you can point and explain what you want.  NOTE: Please do not bring re-usable bags to the market at this time. Our vendors will give you new, clean bags to use.

When you have completed your shopping, we need you to exit the market through one of the (3) entrance/exits. We ask that you be mindful of others who are waiting to shop. For many of our vendors, who have made friends out of customers, this is one of the most uncomfortable changes that result from the pandemic – reduced socializing and interaction. The Fredericksburg Farmers Market has always been as much a social experience as a shopping opportunity. We know that, for many, this is the first glimpse of a long-awaited return to “normal”, but we all need to remember that in order for us ALL to stay healthy we need your cooperation. Please remember that we are all in this together and need to be patient with each other! .

Does your current situation prevent you from coming to the market? We may still be able to help. If you find that you are still uncomfortable or unable to shop in-person at the market, our website ( has information on how to purchase from our many vendors online. Your orders can be picked up at the market using the prepaid line. You can even send a friend or family member to pick up your order. So until everyone can comfortably return to the market, we will do our best to make sure you have access to the many fresh, locally-grown products from the Fredericksburg Farmers Market.

Please remember that if you are not feeling well, we want you to stay home and get well. We will see you when you are well!